[All Platforms][Browse] Artist : Filter by Downloaded, similar to Albums

After the new update, it is difficult to navigate my artists. It's been said ad nauseum, I'm not going to get in to it, except for this: in order to sort by Artists, you must follow the artist first. Afterwhich, you can see all songs by that artist that you have downloaded. This is a lot of work just to listen to an artist's songs which you've already liked.


I'm the kind of guy who likes to listen to an Artists's albums sequentially, or shuffled regardless of their album. Because of this, 'Liked Songs' and 'Albums' aren't really for me. I only want to listen to this artist's songs, songs which i've already downloaded.


Instead of having people manually follow artists, include a 'Downloaded' filter similar to the Albums section. When 'Downloaded' is selected, the followed artists section is swapped out with a list of artists which you have downloaded from, allowing you to select an artist and listen to music you've already liked. When de-selected, swap back to 'Followed' artists. This is basically just a way to re-introduce the old 'Artists' section from before the new update, while still respecting the new update, and those who want a simple method to listening to their favorite artists.