[All Platforms] [Browse] Navigating Artists, Albums and Genres in Liked Songs

Spotify allows basic search and sorting options in the Liked Songs playlist. However, with a big enough library, these options are not good enough. Also, since these searches are happening on artist, album and song names, you get unintended results. For example, if you type "who" in the search bar, it will filter for songs by the artist The Who, and any other song which has who in the name (like "Whole Lotta Love") and similarly the albums.


Hence, there should be an option to navigate through the available artists and drill-down to the albums and finally to the tracks. These should be click/tap actions instead of typing on the search box.


[Added on 22-Apr-2021]

The current Artist/Album menu do not offer what I am asking for. You have to follow those artists or add those albums. I don't want to follow an artist just because I like 1-2 tracks by them. Similarly for albums.