[All Platforms] Different Taste Profiles on 1 Account

I am new to spotify and there is one thing i really love and hate on the same way. When you favorite songs, you will have the new songs recommended on this every week. Found a lot of new good songs and bands in this way. But the thing is, what i like to listen at work is not the same, i like listening in my car or at home. So at work i like to listen to slow and smooth pop and electro sounds. I love what i already got there together. But now i do not want to add my favorite Techno Dj´s or Heavy Metal Bands, because this would ruine the recommended playlist i get offered every week at work. Talked to my colleague, who is using spotify as well, and he said that is not possible, but he would love to have something as well. Get in touch with support.


What i would like to have, would be a Music Profile with my 1 Account, that i can switch, without opening and paying for 3 different accounts, while i can use only 1 at a time. I would like to have the possibility to add my favorite bands and djs in each profile and favorite only songs, that could be interesting in this profile. I have seen that somebody asked for a similar feature about 2 years ago, so maybe now the time has come, that it could be interesting, because the community is growing and growing.