[All Platforms][Music] Easier ways to manage music library

Hi, I am crying out for Spotify to add features to make it easier for us to manage our music libraries.


I'm sure there could be many improvements made to the manageability of the library, but my main desired features are:


1. An easy way to select and delete multiple Artists/Songs/Albums. This could be tick boxes or a separate 'edit mode' of the Artists/Songs/Albums pages accessed either by an 'Edit Library Mode' button or by selecting (long press) a Song/Artist/Album opening a 'selected items' mode, you could then click the three dots as usual to 'remove all', 'download all', 'add all to playlist', 'create new playlist from selection', etc.

2. Smaller spacing between Artists/Songs/Album names or 'zoom' feature in settings (100% 75%, 50% etc)

3. Adjustable 'views' of library (list - small font, list - big font, grid/thumbnails, 'sort by')

4. Colour coding of library entries (eg 'yet to listen to' and 'favourites')


I would also love to see a 'light' theme (white background, coloured or black text) but I'll make a separate post about this, if there isn't one already.






Agreed 100%. Bulk editing features for iOS, period. 


good idea.  I wonder if you had master playlist and wanted to allocate tracks to different ones you could multi select at the same time, perhaps on a grid.  The other option would be able to export/import or copy/paste playlists from a spreadsheet instead of the current more long winded approach.  Granted it better than the Sonos one but the user experience could be improved.  


It’s so annoying when I accidentally remove a song from my library but then I can’t put it back in the same place it just goes to the top of the library when I add it again. We need a feature to arrange the songs the way we want to.