[All Platforms][Music] Listening to an artist chronologically, starting with oldest album first

I think it would be great to be able to sort an artists "overview" page and listen to the artist's music starting with the first album instead of the latest album.  Any way to do this other than creating a playlist evertime?

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love this idea so much

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oof that would be awesome

Casual Listener

I've thought the same thing. Would love this option!



I would like a button or menu option to add all the artist's albums and/or singles chronologically to my play queue, as I like to do that with many artists, and have to do that manually. 


I have been wanting this for ages. Often thought about contacting Spotify with the suggestion. I found this suggestion, its probably a better idea to tag along here.

When discovering new artists I like to listen from old to new. It shouldn't be hard to make a filter that reverses album order in artist menu.