[All Platforms][Music] Mood Quiz

There was a post I saw on Instagram that said something about “not ever knowing what [they're] in the mood to listen to.” Several of the comments below the picture were agreeing, saying they also have that problem. So I thought: Spotify should make a sort of quiz, one that can narrow down the scope of options of what the listener is in the mood to listen to. It should include simple questions about how they’re feeling, and perhaps some that don’t seem necessary but are crucial to the end result. The questions should have a good range of answers too, so that the ending genre they receive is best suited for them at that moment. 


You could make it interactive.  Google 'learns' about businesses by asking users questions about businesses.  I am sure they compile the 10000's of answers they get to find the best answer.


Spotify could ask 'What mood are you in?' with a list like:

  • Party
  • Dance
  • Boatin
  • Chillin
  • Quiet time
  • Romantic
  • OTHER - Where they could enter a new one (Spotify would have to approve it of course before sharing the new mood)

The second question would be a simple 'What is your favorite song for this mood' so that spotify could start to build data on songs that match the mood and the listener.


Data from millions of users would be such a cool thing :)