[All Platforms][Other] Dynamic user interface based on users selections

Good Day, spotify coders and product development team. Your last UI update was bungled but this is how you get back in the game. It also follows the "Agile at Spotify" way of doing code deployments where features can be turned on and off as desired.


I will lay out the idea and how this can be implemented.

When a user starts the app they can fully choose which features are turned on/installed in the app. After choosing the options, the application does a background download for the correct feature modules (hint you can use the same data stream as your music downloads, or even the background app update service to install the code modules).


For example if a user enables the alphabetized artists and songs list, it gets added to the app. If they DON'T select podcast ability it doesn't get installed. I literally never listen to podcasts so that whole part of the app gets in the way.


This means a few things for the user.


  1. The application size can be smaller and more lightweight for those who don't use many features in the app.
  2. Users can choose features that fit their app use style instead of a one size fits all option which never makes everyone happy. If you are weary of making too many options pick 3-5 options. The "power browser", "search fanatic", "playlist pirate" user/interfaces or even an option "Let spotify choose for me" that can be used for new users to make it simple yto get going. Each can have it's own feel with a UI experience that highlights how people ACTUALLY use the app.


  1. Currently many apps in iPhone and Android download updates in the application. They also allow you to do things like change the app icon.
  2. Your app already downloads and compresses song data, use the same mechanism to get the code modules onto the device and loaded into memory.
  3. Save the data like you would a song on the device and load it on app start.


@ehamz2000  Please spread the word to get votes on this so we at least get a response from Spotify on this idea. I hate the new interface release and the loss of the alphabetized list. I saw they closed your post, so this is truly an original idea.

Music Fan

@spotify y’all should hire this guy and put him on your team! clearly highly educated and has valuable ideas, knowledge as well as arguably the most important attribute... great product/consumer priorities and has the listeners in mind. totally great idea, couldn’t agree more!