[All Platforms][Other] Revise the Country Setting

Hi, I noticed that Hong Kong is listed by Spotify as a country under the country setting, but Hong Kong is not a country. It was returned to China in 1997, and since then resumed to be an integral part of China, officially known as Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. I contacted the support team and was advised to post the matter here to obtain 100 votes for them to consider a revision. I respect this procedure, and I hope Spotify can also respect other countries' sovereignty. Under the country category, the correct label for Hong Kong should be [Hong Kong, China]. Just like California and Hawaii belong to the US, Hong Kong currently belongs to China. If California would not be listed as a country without the United States written next to it, then Hong Kong shouldn't be under the country category without China written next to it. Thanks in advance for your votes!