[All Platforms][Other] Subscribe to podcasts by URL

PLEASE add the ability to enter podcasts by URL. This is a standard feature in just about every other app that plays podcasts. It's the only way those of us who subscribe via patreon or other sites to listen to our ad-free RSS feed provided to us via URL by the creator. This has been misinterpreted several times by Spotify as users asking for their favorite artists to be listed. This IS NOT that request. Please understand what we're asking for. It's almost embarassing that Spotify can't do this in 2019.

This is a feature that has been requested by several hundred people each year, and for some reason it's denied by Spotify because they don't think enough people care to add this feature. Apparently, we in the community must ask this question repeatedly, annually, and hope that we get enough upvotes for Spotify to DO anything about it.

PLEASE UPVOTE this if you agree. Thanks!

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This is a must if Spotify is going to compete in the podcast space. I would love to consolidate everything to Spotify if this was implemented!


This is the reason I haven't started using Spotify for podcast listening yet. I tried to find one of my favourite podcasts, it wasn't there, and since I can't add it with URL, I'll use another app to listen to podcasts. 


As responded in another one of these requests - "You need 100 kudos in a year" for it to be considered.

Such a bad response!


There needs to be a campaign for this natural feature of podcast players. :)

Maybe we'll have to keep adding these requests every day.


It's important to note that whether or not a lot of people are asking for this future, a lot of people will use it.  Premium RSS feeds are a near-universal phenomenon, especially with popular podcasts.  This feature being missing keeps me from letting spotify get its hooks even deeper into my media habits.


The lack basic Podcast features on Spotify is laughable!  Especially when you consider that Spotify is *literally* spending advertising dollars to promote using their service specifically for podcast listening!


(Hint: ask people that listen to podcasts daily what are their basic needs are and LISTEN!)


This long-time premium member is currently exploring other options that include playlists and adding Patreon RSS feeds.