[All Platforms][Playlists] Live Shared Playlist

This idea started by going to many music festivals and seeing all of the silent discos. What if there was a way that through spotify anyone can create a playlist and begin sharing it live so that anyone can join in a listen at the same time, essentially a pop-up silent disco. The concept is not only for while you are at a music festival and want to turn your campsite into a 50 person silent disco. It also can be applied for a running group who would like to all be synced up to the same playlist listening to the same songs at the same time. The same would work for two buddies working out together at the gym who want some pump up jams while they lift. Yet another application would be instead of annoying other groups at the beach with your loud speaker, all of your friends can pop in their AirPods and rock out together without bothering anyone. The possibilities are endless. I would see it working as someone being able to go to your profile and if you are listening to a playlist in the "live" mode they can tune in. It would be great to this expand and have DJs and bands adding live sets or spotify exclusive sessions that you have to be connected to in real time to hear.