[All Platforms][Running] Next Episode Behavior for Podcast

It'd be very good to be there an "next episode behavior" option which tells the player what will be played next after the current episode is finished.


I see that there isn't a unified behavior in podcasts between desktop and mobile. When an episode is finishes, desktop player plays the next episode (next line in the list) in sorted episodes list, but the mobile player plays the first unplayed one which is in the top of the list.


It'd be good to be an option for this behavior which includes "play the next unplayed episode", "play the previous unplayed episode", "play the latest unplayed episode" etc.


It's quite annoying especially when listening on mobile, which is impossible to proceed in time backward. It always plays the latest episode next. I should be able to choose rather listen the episode 99th or the episode 101st, after listening 100th episode.

Status: New Suggestion