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e.g. station:"Imagine Dragons Believer" search query would return all the tracks a radio for that track would normally play. 


It seems that similar functionality has been proposed and denied many times before, and, I guess, for a good reason. Still, consider this: there are already boolean operators in advanced search, meaning some really cool queries would be possible: 


– station:"Proleter" AND station:"Odd Chap" – this would allow users to further narrow down their queries, be more specific in what they would like to hear. Okay, yeah, you already know they want to hear tracks similar to ____, but in what way similar, specifically? Intersecting the result sets would – in theory – allow to increase the precision, "something like X but also Y" is much more specific than just "like X", especially for popular tracks.


– station:"Infected Mushrooms" OR station:Opiuo – to make things a bit more heterogenous but in a controlled fashion. 


– station:"luis fonsi" NOT despacito – to exclude some tracks or artists from the radio. This has been requested (in regards to radio or autoplay) many times already, but yeah, I suppose either not enough interest or no easy way to implement, unfortunately.


Obviously, this feature would only interest power users, initially, but if the interest/value is there, a better UX could eventually follow. 

Status: New Suggestion

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