[All Platforms][Spotify for Artists] Add the ability to create playlists from Spotify for Artists

So myself, like many others, would really like to be able to create playlists directly from the Spotify for Artists app. Currently only Artists who got verified before the introduction of Spotify for Artists are able to pin a playlist that they've created with their Artist Profile.  This is unfair to anybody who has joined since then and does nothing but alienate them. We all feel this way because on top of allowing the artist to maintain brand uniformity across all aspects of their public image, there's the privacy issue. In today's world this poses a major risk for anyone who's trying to maintain a certain level of anonymity. Whether it comes to swatting, (look up the Witchita swatting if you're unfamiliar) having personal information leaked or even things like DDoS attacks, they all pose an unnecessary risk to the artist. This needs to change.