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As cassette sales have grown over the last years because of nostalgia spikes, it would be an opportunity to sale cassete size playlists as gifts that subscribers could send to others.


A subscriber would make a playlist, pay like 15 bucks and then spotify would send a cassete with a QR code that would make possible to the receiver to hear without ads and shuffle the musics in the playlist for as long as a cassette ususally lives. And it would be a nice token to have as a gift.



Status: New Suggestion

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Casual Listener

As cd sales are plummeting, nobody has cds to have an autograph from their favourite artists. Spotify could have a the new autograph scene.

When a fan met an artist it would ask for a token from their account to appear in is profile, showing to their friends that he had met his favourite artist. It would be a chase like Pokemon Go, and maybe raise the interaction of the subscribers with the app.