[All Platforms][Subscription] Create a Premium Podcasts subscription for ad-free listening

Please consider adding an additional subscription level for avid podcast listeners that removes ads, similar to Premium for music. Loud, interrupting (and often poorly produced) ads are really frustrating to the listener – it's worth paying more to improve the podcast experience.

At the very least, if ad-free podcasts are not an option, give listeners the ability to manipulate and improve ads by selecting them to be relevant or not (ala Instagram's hide ad options). Just finished a 13-episode podcast listening to the same two female weightloss and hair-coloring ads (neither relevant to me/my male demographic) on repeat twice an episode. Ads on the current podcast are for a new Uber user signup bonus (been a customer for years) and male pattern baldness (again, not relevant to me).

Your recent acquisitions of podcast businesses hopefully validates the need to update and improve the podcast experience across all levels of Spotify customers. For example, "podcast" isn't even a category option to submit this idea to the community... 

Status: New Suggestion

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