[Android] Bring back album sorting by release year and seperate ep and albums.

With the latest update,  artist pages are total mess. Albums are no longer sorted by release date. Albums  and ep's are mixed plus "more" button is not working. Can you bring back this? 



The new update is great just this one small thing that makes the artist page a mess!

Thank you.


I came here to request this. It makes absolutely no sense to display the discography in any format other than in chronological order from most recent to first. Arranging it by popularity is like arranging food at a restaurant by "most ordered." It makes no sense that a band's most recent album would be fourth (as in the image below), if I'm searching the group, more likely than not you're looking for their latest release. I wouldn't even classify this as a suggestion, more like an actual necessity for a music streaming service. 



Casual Listener

It would also be dope if your saved albums could be sorted by the year they were released almost chronologically