[Android][Other] Landscape mode for android player

So on Android, you can navigate Spotify in landscape, but when you go to the player, it is stuck in portrait.


It may seem like an odd feature request however I think it would be a nice addition, I use my phone as an infotainment system of sorts in my car, mainly as satnav, but when im not using the GPS i'd like to put Spotify on the phone and have the album art to the left of the controls that would be on the right.


For songs that have a video linked to them, this could be for portrait only and show the album art like songs without videos, or simply crop or shrink the video to fit in landscape mode.


I find this really frustrating as a daily Spotify user in my car. Again it is something that USED to work fine (it just auto rotated) and Spotify have removed the functionality. 

It's like they have a single vision of how the app is to be used by every member! I'm a premium member and like many others hate the new android app. 

Spotify please listen to your customers feedback!