[Android][Your Library] Do not automatically "like" (save to library) albums that I download

When I download an album on my mobile device, Spotify automatically "likes" the album, i.e. adds it to the "Albums" section of my library, even though I have not yet indicated that I like it. After I un-download the album, it remains in the Albums section.


Currently, my Albums section is a mix of albums that I have deliberately liked, and albums that I downloaded at some point in the past to listen to offline one time (e.g. albums I had not heard before but which I was curious about). This list is not useful to me and the current behaviour prevents me from easily maintaining a list of albums I actually like.


I would like the Albums section of my library to be a list of albums that I like and have intentionally decided to add to my library, in the same way that Artists are artists I have intentionally chosen to follow, and the way that (since the update in 2019) Liked Songs are songs for which I have intentionally hit the "like" button.


Please could you change the behaviour so that downloading an album does not automatically like it? Thank you!