I create a lot of playlists. Some based on the type of song (calm, dancing...), some situational (in the car, while working, while doing sports...), some based on music style and so on.

My problem is that I have to create a lot of playlists to fit with all situations. If I want calm rap, I have to create a new playlist. If I want calm music for working, it is another one.

My idea is therefore to allow customers to cross playlists. For example if I want to listen to calm rap, I just need to cross my "calm songs" playlist with my "rap" playlist. It will generate a playlist with all the songs that are in both "calm songs" and "rap".

This feature would permit to adapt more accurately our playlists to every situation., without wasting a lot of time creating multiple playlists.

I hope this idea will help improving spotify.

Status: New Suggestion