[Desktop][Browse] Bring back featured artist line by each song.

When browsing trough songs on an artist page only the song title is on display. This makes it very hard to find tracks by featured artist and understand the context of the song.

Adding featured artists will increase streams by making it much simpler to find what one is looking for and make it easyer to discover new music by seeing a feature one might like. 


Only having the song name on display have little benefits except I guess less text.

Casual Listener

I agree the new UI is terrible for THIS reason alone, if not so many others...


I know I can sort by artists still, but looking at this new UI is terrible for how i use spotify and build playlists. It literally  hides all the artists names under the song name now which makes it RIDICULOUSLY hard now to navigate a playlist with tons of artists quickly and visually, i dont want to spend 30 min scrolling through unknown album covers to find ONE single in 8,000 songs. This app is becoming more and more useless to me everyday. BRING BACK THE ARTIST COLUMN!!!!!


I'm like THIS close to going through the effort to move my playlists over to Apple Music and cancel my subscription..  this cr ap is getting ridiculous....