[Desktop][Browse] Restore displaying of whole play queue instead of only next 50 songs

When you play long playlist you can only see 50 songs in queue. So you have no idea how many songs you have left to listen before playlist ends - 60 or 650!

Problem is even worse when you try listen to all songs artist has published at once. Before you had list of all songs in all albums. Now you only have big play button. But when you click on it you see top 10 songs from this artist + songs from latest album. For example you see 21 songs - 10 from "popular" list and 11 from latest album. But right after you play 2nd song from latest album, spotify adds another album to queue and again it displays only ~20 songs (remaining ones from current album and another full album). Queue then shortens with each song until you play 2nd song from 2nd album - and then it adds 3rd album.

This is really annoying and unintuitive - you have no idea how many songs are really left in your queue because it constantly expands. Not to mention how big specific elements on play queue are compared to previous view. New app looks like it was designed for touch screens and ppl with big fingers, but it is useless for ppl with mice and keyboard.

Status: New Submission