[Desktop][Other] More sorting options for artists

As of 1/17/19, the only sorting options in the Artists Page are "Name" and "Recently Added". This list is not useful to me because it includes an artist in this page when I have randomly saved only one song by them, but don't like their other stuff. It would be nice to add sorting options to highlight my favorite artists, a few suggestions:

1) "Following" vs otherwise (likely more of a filter than a sort)

2) "Songs saved" - as 1 song artists will be outweighed by artists where I have saved many of their songs

3) "Play count" - if I play them a lot, they should be at the top of the list. Probably the hardest to implement, but the most useful.

4) "Newest albums" - If they released new songs recently, I want to know about it

Status: New Suggestion