[Desktop][Playlists] "Play Album": put it wholly into queue instead of only playing first song

Also see this discussion on the forum, about how the queueing system is confusing to people that like to listen to full albums at a time. The issue is that "Play album" does not work as expected.


Allow me to copy-paste my conclusion about the current situation from that other topic:


  •  Spotify has a working "Add to queue" feature.
    Just click the ... and choose "Add to queue". That always works as expected, both on songs and on albums. However, Spotify has more than just that queue:
  •  Spotify has a working "Play song" feature, and will follow-up with related songs.
    Spotify likes to keep playing, so it will automatically create a "Next up" list based on the song you started playing, usually beginning with other songs in the same album, and then others by the same artist. But these are just suggestions; your manual queue will take precedence.
  • Spotify does not have a working "Play album" feature.
    The confusing thing is of course that there is a Play icon on albums. But when you click it, that doesn't play the album, it just executes "Play song" on the first track of that album. See above for what happens then.

Why is that an issue?


Well, suppose you want to play Album A and then Album B. A rather intuitive way to try and get that done is this:

  1. Go to Album A and click "Play"
  2. Go to Album B and click "Add to queue"

That doesn't work. In reality, it will play the first song of Album A, then Album B in its entirety, and then the remainder of Album A. This is not at all what anyone would expect if you execute the above two actions.


Suggested fix: clicking "Play" on an album should:

  1. empty the queue
  2. fill the queue with the entire album
  3. start playing the queue
  4. (possibly do something with "Next up" if you like -- we don't mind that, as long as the album we wanted to play is guaranteed to play thanks to being in the queue)