[Desktop][Radio] Bring 'Create New Radio Station' Back

Can't wrap my head around why Spotify would remove the ability to add new radio stations on the Radio page (Windows and Android). What used to take two steps (from the logical starting point of the Radio page), now requires you to navigate to the Artist/Album, click on their info for the dropdown, and create a station. Sure, it's not that much more difficult to do, but just makes more sense to me to have the ability to add radio stations directly on the Radio page by searching for Artists/Albums/Songs. I miss my beautiful green button. Just my worthless $0.02.

Casual Listener

This is stupid. I used that feature all the time and thought it had been taken away completely. I'm not the only one and there is at least one other thread with people saying they can't start a new station. 


I completely agree with the above comments.  And you cannot scroll down to add more music.  Just finished Chat with Spotify.  Change made last year.  Says they have no complaints!!!  And they do not make a change unless there are 100 Votes!  (sigh)  Does Pandora do a better job a radio-like button?