[Desktop][Running] New global hot key for desktop overlay cannot switched off or edited

I frequently use the key CTRL+SHIFT+Q (it is the key for sesrching code classes and methods when using the CodeRush plugin for Visual Studio).


I just noticed today that this key now opens the Spotify desktop overlay - effectively hijacking the keystroke use in other applications. I assume that this has happened after a Spotify upgrade. The current version is This is on Windows 10.


There does not appear to be any way to switch the hotkey off. I have tried turning off "Show desktop overlay when using media keys". This stops the overlay appearing, but the keystroke is still intercepted. 


While it's great to have hotkeys available to control Spotify, if you're going to make the hot keys global where it affects other programs, there really needs to be a way to change them or at least turn them off. 


I hope you can fix this soon as it currently means that I can't listen to Spotify while working and that makes me sad.



Status: New Suggestion