[Desktop][Search] Bring Back Sorting in Search Results - 2018

I was previously able to sort my search results when looking for song titles, which made it easy to find the song and version I wanted.  With one of the recent updates (not sure how recent) I've lost that ability!  I do a lot of searching and now it's a lot harder to find the specific song/version I'm looking for.  Can y'all please bring this back??

Casual Listener

Here we are, almost 2 months later, and one of THE most important features has still not been reinstated.

This is beyond comprehension - the mindset and attitude reminds me of Microsoft!

Anyone seen the uproar regarding features being removed, for no good reason, from Skype?

Well this is as bad as that!!!

I have been a premium member for several years and, although it will not bother Spotify, I will not be renewing my subscription...


If y'all aren't aware, this iteration of sort disappearing was the response to:




That bug was a sorted playlist would play the wrong song when clicked. Spotify's solution was to just kill the sort - there, problem solved.


Please vote - for what it's worth, also on the other bug, it has more votes than here.



Agreed with the thought that removing useful features is not an upgrade.    Such crude belies the many fine features of Spotify.


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