[Desktop][Spotify for Artists] Allow creators to specify loops for a song - videogames soundtracks

Lately, lots of videogame soundtracks have made their way to spotify. This is great, as now I can listen to a lot of my favourite tracks in high quality, but I find aomething is missing. Usually these songs are created to be constantly repeated over and over again (we are talking about videogame soundtracks after all), but not in the way Spotify currently allows.


These songs have usually a first part designed to kind of "lure" you in, but it is only heard once. The actual loop happens after, between a first point located several seconds after the actual song starts and another one located almost at the end. Most tracks start from the beggining and continue after the full loop has played at least once. At this pont, the song continues for a while (into the next loop, by itself) and slowly fades.


Using Spotify's repeat functionallity, I can repeat the song, but not in the way it was meant to. I have to listen how it fades slowly, stops, and restarts from the begining. This is fine, but there are times in wich I would like to loose myself in a constant loop (the way it was played in videogames) of my favourite track.


My proposal is: give creators the ability to specify the loop the song was designed for and users the ability to activate it for as long as they please.