[Desktop] When listening to music from an artists page, the app auto scrolls to the top of the page.

I am multi-tasking with Spotify in the background.  I like to listen to full albums/discographies so I will often start with the oldest album and move sequentially to newer albums.

Once the window is minimized for a short time, or in the background, or a few ads play, the application will refresh to the top of the artists page.  For example, I am currently listening to Rush albums from oldest to newest.  Once an album is done, I must manually move to a newer album (as Spotify sorts newest to oldest, so I am going backwards), but because Spotify has auto-scrolled to the top of the Artist page I must scroll through 15 albums before I can get back to my previous position.

When on an Artists page, your position should be remembered when the application is minimized, or in the background.  It's obnoxious to scroll down through MANY albums to get back to my listening position.

Status: New Submission