[Mobile][Developer] Toggle Feature to Display Lyrics

[Appealing to all Users, Please Vote!!]


I'm not sure how many of the users out there are deprived from viewing lyrics on their mobile Spotify App. I'm one of them since the day that this feature was released. I'm constantly getting the annoying "Behind The Lyrics" which is totally useless instead of lyrics. 


I'm proposing a fix to this problem to the developers. Developers, please consider making an icon on the mobile Spotify App (similar to the one on Windows) that allows user to toggle between lyrics mode and non lyrics mode. I believe this will fix the issue of lyrics not automatically showing up underneath the screen for users that have been deprived from this feature.




Yess, I love Spotify but Apple Music and Amazon music have those lyrics. We need those lyrics. Behind the lyrics is just all right kind of cool but...