[Mobile][Other] Car view support for older cars

I am the owner of an BMW E81 (BJ 2006) and have installed an older Media System. I am able to pair/connect my iPhone via Bluetooth to my car, but only for the use of calls. The only way I can play music via spotify in my car is to connect an lightning to aux cable.

The automatic car view is not displayed because the app does not recognize it as a car.
I think it would be nice if the car view also activates when music is played via lightning cable or if the phone is paired with an older media system.


The music controls from my bmw only works when i play music via radio or cd.

I would really like to use the feature because i can only switch between songs via the spotify app. 

My idea is to make a menue in the spotify app of all the blutooth connected devices where you can determine if the device should be recognize as a car or not.




I totally agree with you. I think its the best option.