[Mobile][Playlists] Custom playlists order while adding new songs

It would be nice if we could use our custom order while adding new songs to playlists. This order only works in library. When you try to expand your playlists by adding new songs, they're sorted by most recent. It makes it really hard to find the playlist you're looking for, especially when you have a lot of them and have to scroll through to find the one you're looking for. 

I think this issue appears only with custom order. 


Casual Listener

After the recent Spotify Update: "The Playlists are not ordered in the Custome Order when we try to add a playing song to a list. (Android Mobile Phone)"

Yes this is Extremely Annoying!

It is irritating to scroll through a randomly-  ordered list of playlists. The random order chaged each time!

We WANT to have the custom order of playlists (as displayed in our library) - when we are adding song to playlists. Thank you 4loh7509 for creating this "Idea to Vote." I hope spotify takes not of this.


I have over 400 playlists and would be making more, but since the update I have simply given up trying to add the songs to playlists. The random order on mobile app is always fluctuating, there is no way to organize or filter it at all!! I jsut gave up.

I cannot understand, why spotify technicians did NOT think about this... or trying to "improve" something that did not need any improvement. "Don't fix it if it ain't broke..." Hmm. Please you - at spotify - can you please TEST DRIVE your changes with a Focus Group before you implement it to the whole Application next time. AND could you please roll-back this "improvement" to make it the bad-old version agai? Thanks.


I couldn't agree more. Please, let us a the choice to order it as we want (custom order or by recent adding).


This is actually the only thing at the moment that really annoys me. It makes impossible to add a song to a playlist quickly. I have to scroll through my playlists and keep searching... it is like a strange mind game :) PS: Thank you, Spotify, for being here for us... you made my life so much happier ;)


I would file this as a bug, rather than an "idea". 

Previously, playlists were always sorted in the order I had decided, both in my Library and when adding song to playlists.

The someone pushed a change where playlists were sorted in a corporately defined "relevant" sort order.

Shortly after that, the option to choose sort order appeared in the Library, but in the add track to playlist view, this choice is not adhered to.


As a fellow dev, I'd say that would be what most of my clients would describe as "only implementing a feature half-way".