[Mobile][Playlists] See what playlists (of yours) a song is in


It would be nice to have a feature where you could what playlists of yours has that song in.

Since I’m a premium member a lot of my music is downloaded and i find songs that i have downloaded that i have no idea which playlist they’re in. i have over 150 playlists so it makes it very hard to find. especially when i want to remove a song.


it would be good for mainly removing songs from playlists (in my opinion) because either they’ve had enough of the song/it got overplayed, they had a bad experience and that song reminds them of it, maybe something happened with the artist. or that the artist released the song as a single and they want to remove it to add the album version. 


In a similar vein it could be used for adding songs, that way you know what playlists have the delux album/ regular album/clean album/single/ep version and prevents double songs which arent caught because spotify only recognises songs from the exact same album as the same song.