[Mobile] artist discography

Restore the full discography to artist pages on mobile. As of a recent update, artist pages no longer seem to include this. The only way to browse an artist's albums or singles is to search for the artist and tap "see all albums" at the bottom. This shows all albums with the search string in the artist name or in the album name, in no discernable order.

When I want to hear more of an artist's music, I would like to be able to view their records in a logical order (i.e. chronological). This also makes it much easier to find a song that I don't know the name of but I know the artist.

Casual Listener

Yes please!


The discography was the most important feature in Spotify at all!


When i want to experience an artist, i want to hear all of his albums, at best in reverse chronological order to see how things developed.


You now destroyed Spotify for me!

On my most important device, i updated the App and now the discography is gone!


You did not even mention this in the changelog!!! Just the regular nonsense text about improving stuff.

This is just a lie! You cannot change such important features without mentioning them in the changelog!

Only then, people will be able to decide if they update or better wait.


This is rather unfriendly of you and very bad behavior against your customors!

Can can that be possible???


Please at first fix this bug, and add the discography again!

And second, fix your behavior and write correct changelog entries, so that people get informed!

And lastly, do NEVER ever remove features!

You are free to add things, but not to remove things!