[Other] How to stop hearing a song or band

Spotify used to have thumbs up and thumbs down buttons.  I really liked that Spotify offered that great feature which, I believe, worked.  Those buttons never worked on Pandora so I left Pandora for Spotify.


Since then, Spotify got rid of the thumbs down button and replaced it with (what looked like) a "do not enter" button that, when I hit it, it stopped playing the song and moved onto the next song.  I used it just two days ago.

Now the "do not enter" button is gone.  Why?  (And the songs that were playing when I hit the "do not enter" button are back on the Play Queue...like bad seafood.)


I mostly use the Radio function to listen to songs.


Why must I listen to songs I don't want to ever hear or from artists (the term is used loosely) from whom I don't want to ever hear?


What is the point of me paying for music that depresses or upsets me?