[Other] Please stop the ads with car honking in them

Hi Spotify,


Please eliminate the ads with car horns/honking in them. Or at least edit the clip to remove those sounds. It is a safety issue affecting the mental health and well-being of listeners (from previous posts, it is startling and fear-inducing for both pedestrians and drivers listening to Spotify).


Apparently this problem has been around since 2015.  I heard the ad today, on the app,  1/2/19. When I did a quick search of the word “honking” in the community boards, one update said this issue was addressed in 2017



Please look into this ad again since it is still playing and there are still posts from 2018 about it. Thanks for reading, and I hope this gets resolved soon.


Pay for Premium? lol

Casual Listener

@tmanbez wrote:

Pay for Premium? lol

I only listen to Spotify about 2-3 times a week. So... I don’t think it is worth paying premium.  Anyways, no one should have to be exposed to hazardous advertisements. Thank you for reading my post :)


I have never encountered those ads on Spotify,  although sometimes when I've heared a car horn on radio when I'm driving a car. I've thought there should never be those kinds of sounds on radio since they can cause dangerous situations when drivers are distracted, trying to figure out who honked.