[Playlists] Get new songs everyday from all over the world

I like to listen new songs everyday. Maybe there are many people like me out there who likes to listen new songs everyday. So please make some playlists which update new songs everyday and they will add songs everyday from old songs to newly released songs. Playlist will contain from popular songs to the most underrated songs as well. These playlists will contain songs from every genre. These playlists will not contain any previous liked songs. It will add songs from every language. Every day the list will shuffle. If any song is liked from the playlist then that song will never be added to the playlist. Playlist can be of two types. One which will contain new song based on previous liked song and another playlist which will add songs from every language and without considering individual music taste. It will help listeners to enjoy native songs as well as other language songs too as many people doesn't know foreign artists.