Remove Recommended section from Artists and Albums tabs

Recommendations are cluttering up and ruining the Artists and Albums tabs.


appreciated the new Library update. I have ~10,000 songs saved, which always left the Artists tab cluttered with thousands of artists from which I only like one song. Ditto for the Albums tab. The new update provided a great way to filter what shows up on these tabs and make them more useful.


But then there is the "Recommended" section...

which recommends I follow just about every artists that I've liked a song by. So, in effect, my Artists tab is exactly the same as it was before, but now it's not even organized alphabetically. Currently my Artists tab has 48 followed artists and well over 1000 recommended artists.


Simple solution, get rid of the "Recommended" section. Let ME choose what shows up in my Artists and Albums tabs.

Spotify Artists Tab.jpgMy current artists tab. Notice that the "Recommended" section begins when the scrollbar is only ~5% down the page. Way too many recommended artists.

Casual Listener

YES! I hardly ever follow artists, but I frequently go into "artists" and play only the songs I've liked by them rather than their whole page. This new update has made it IMPOSSIBLE to find what I'm looking for, since it's just an unorganized clutter of artists I've liked even only one or two songs of, and making it a "where's waldo" game of finding what I'm looking for :/


Such a simple and obvious UX issue, it needs probably 17 years to fix it because there are more important things like animated album covers.