[Search] Freshest First! Move to chronological listing not album first

100 people get behind this to make a change, PLEASE!! 

As an independent artist, it is less practical and not as effective to releases albums. The whole industry is moving towards singles over albums.
HOWEVER, Spotify still lists an artist's material in format order not chronological.

Seems sooooo silly!? 

I definitely would prefer new listeners to discover my newest music first over the album I released in 2012!

Surely as a listener too, you'd want to discover an artist through the latest tracks foremost? 

Spotify already list "most popular" at the top which makes sense, BUT it makes NO SENSE that the next thing you'd see is an old album and not the latest single!!

I hope I get 100 people on this!


Because it's a dumb format and makes my own Spotify look stale... not a good look for an active independent artist! 

Status: New Suggestion

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