[Subscription] Multiple Users on Same Family Account

I have a premium account that I have spent years building out with custom playlists, a saved songs library, artist follows, and personalized recommendations from Spotify based on my activity. My husband uses this same account profile for these exact reasons - because it is already highly curated to our tastes across playlists, saved library songs, and the artist suggestions that Spotify makes through the Discover section, etc.


We would like both of us to be able to stream from the same account at the same time from different devices while apart during work, travel, etc. We do NOT want separate family accounts, where he could only see my playlists. He wants access to the entire library and profile I have built.


Spotify should have an option similar to a family plan, where one account can be accessed from multiple devices. We will gladly pay for the ability to have multiple account touchpoints at once. This recognizes the value in the customization that each Spotify account offers. 

Status: New Suggestion