[iOS][Browse] View entire library at once

This was previously possible, but as of the latest UI update i cant seem to find a way to view a list of all of my liked/saved songs. A compilation of every individual song i have from every playlist and every album is very useful, i would shuffle play that for a completely random song of one of the many genres i listen to. It used to be within the “your library” tab, under another tab titled “songs”. But a few weeks/months ago the update changed this and removed the feature. Now the only options are playlists, artists, and albums no “songs” tab. But at least now there is a podcasts tab which i never use. If there is still a way to do this on mobile i cant figure out how. If the feature was completely removed from mobile... why would you do that. 


I am seriously contemplating leaving premium Spotify due to the poor decision of removing the shuffle song feature.


100% agree with you calvo. How can this major feature be carlelessly removed without expecting long time premium members to leave. If it is not rectified will have to find a different medium to listen to the same music just in the way i was once able too! Ridiculous. Have not seen a response for this from spotify either.