[iOS][Music] Live number count

My idea is to have a live number count on songs. Meaning,when we listen to a song we can see a number count of the amount of people listening to the same song from around the world at the same time. I feel like it would be very interesting to view. It would also be quite fun. 

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Rock Star 5

Sounds interesting. 

I would say having a map of the locations is even better LOL.


Sounds cool, you have my vote :)


This would be valuable to sort by.  Sorting with the least listens allows you to play the songs you haven't listened to in a long time (since shuffle doesn't work well on large playlists)

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Totally wicked idea, this is the new kind of thinking Spotify needs, instead of trying to copy other music platforms they need fresh ideas




It would be a nice idea for Spotify too  although if you scrobble your listenings to Last.fm, you can already see there who is listening to the same songs right now and who listens to it a lot.