[iOS][Podcasts] Blocking Unwanted Material - Re: Joe Rogan

While I can't check different podcasts for hosts bios that I find offensive, and simply don't have the time -- Joe Rogan is a total **bleep** who laughs at the idea of women trading oral "favors" for work in Hollywood.  He makes no effort to condemn what Diaz says in the interview, and laughs as if to cosign on the idea.  And then... Spotify ALSO cosigns on the idea -- by writing an enormous check to Rogan.... and I thereby cosign on it by writing a check to you, Spotify.  I feel kind of gross about the whole thing.  


But I mean, I should not be surprised because somehow I can't dig through my playlist without hitting a man who's done something I don't want to know about.  Jimmy Page kidnapped and raped a girl.  R. Kelly is disgusting a human being as there is.  Michael Jackson had me singing songs throughout my childhood, but Wade Robson has a different story to tell... I mean, I can't with any of it.  All I know is that when we know better, I hope we do better. 


I know some users were really irritated about how the Black Lives Matter playlist was prominently placed on their page, and they wanted to hide that.  They didn't want politics in their music.  Well, I don't want a guy who openly laughs about rape in my day.  I don't want to see his face or hear his voice or even by accident play his podcast.  I might leave Spotify, and that would be a shame, because you have a good platform.  One of the best, even.  I don't mind your forward thinking, and I do support the liberal nature of your political leaning.... However, I just can't understand how in the world you back that up when you give a platform to guys like Joe Rogan.  


I believe in free speech, and I think people should be able to say whatever they want.  You think COVID is a hoax?  Okay.  Masks are for "bi!@ches"?  Sure.  Women should give a man a BJ because she wants a few minutes on stage?  I mean... This is when I say, just because he has the right to say it doesn't mean you should reward him for clapping and laughing when it's said.  And if Spotify DOES decide to reward that.... how do I block that?  And if I can't.... how do I just pull the plug?  


You put women in a weird place, Spotify.  Celebrate us, but also celebrate the people who don't celebrate us.