I am without a doubt a true music lover. I stay awake on Thursday’s night pass midnight just to be able to check the album line ups going into the weekend. However, I find very challenging to see what new albums have come out because it’s not simple. The “New Releases” button does anything but tell me all the new albums that came out. I have to go to Apple Music to check their new albums released to see what’s new. This is an easy fix...I hope. Can new release just work properly?

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I agree. The update to New Releases is garbage. I don’t want to go through Editor’s Pick and other suggestions based on what I listened to and have that same suggestion multiple times. It would be nice to have the old layout where it just shows all of the new releases like the desktop application. 


**bleep** I hate this new release update so, so much. Example, let’s say, on a whim, I want to listen to “I want it that way”.. relive my junior high glory days.. or rather the most awkward years of my life.. I then have complete garbage new releases suggested for me based on this trip down memory lane. How am I supposed to find new music or be exposed to new things?!? Spotify. Come on. Please right this wrong ASAP. I feel

very strongly about this.. I’m quite worked up. 


Note: I didn’t swear.. but Spotify made it look like I did. 


Yes please! Uncurated live album releases sorted only by SUB-GENRE. I must see EVERY. SINGLE. ALBUM. I want it all!!! EVERYTHING. I DO NOT WANT TO MISS A SINGLE RELEASE.



3926EB30-EC3C-4A69-80F9-6DBE7FA6EF90.jpegTop result of famous singer from 3 days ago.


That Ariana Grande album was released THREE DAYS AGO. If we only had the option to sort by DATE and not most popular. You mean to tell me that a most famous artist happens to be the most recent new release?! No? I didn’t think so. And I KNOW that It doesn’t work that way. So why is it being pushed? I never even listen to her!

And look how they’re sorted... certainly it isn’t by date. They give me releases from the 6th atop releases from the 8th:

738F81B0-FEEC-4C6C-9D69-D8E0EC684BC6.jpegNew releases not sorted by date

 Wouldn’t it be grand to have the option of seeing a full live list of what’s being released? EVERYTHING. There MUST be releases by bands Ive never heard of. And yet, they’ll never be heard because the “New Releases” has no rhyme or reason from what I can tell.


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Rock Star 17

Good idea. You got my vote. :)


I would add that the New Releases section in Home page of Spotify Desktop Version should show in real time all the latest releases, whatever the popularity of the artist. Alphabetically sorted coud be a good thing.





Yeah, it'd be worthy to give all artists a chance. I would recommend taking
a look at the way Newgrounds displays new content. They title it the PORTAL.
They have three columns. On the left, there is a list of the 75 most recent
uploads. There are 4 color codes that mean UNDER JUDGEMENT, GREAT SCORE,
AWESOME SCORE, VERGE OF DEATH, and then gray icons indicating if it's a
game or video, and audience...This can be worked into Shopify as Most
favorited, most listened, most playlisted,
Then in the center column, there are awards, best of the week, past daily
winners, and other things.
On the right is Best of all time. Like the Billboard 100.