[0.8.8] Ability to View All Facebook Friends in Follow Tab

Please note: This idea only applies to Spotify desktop clients 0.8.8+


Since the latest Spotify release (at time of writing only rolled out to around 1% of users) the "People" tab has been removed and replaced with the new "Follow" tab. The functionality is great actually, allowing you to follow your friends as well as artists.


However, I really miss the ability to view all of my Facebook friends like in the People tab in the old client. In the new system, the Follow tab only offers suggestions and it is difficult to locate a single friend. 


All I am suggesting is a simple "View All" button in the Follow tab:

spotify follow view all.png


Which would allow me to view all of my Facebook friends with the Follow/Unfollow buttons shown, therefore making it easy to find a single friend, rather than currently having to either dig up a playlist from Facebook online or coninually refreshing the suggestions box.


Handy Tip: 

If you are connected to Facebook, you can view any friends profile by typing their name into the main desktop search box, their profile should be offered as a suggestion under the heading "Users" (image in spoiler below). This however is not replacement for being able to view all of your friends!




Updated: 2015-09-16

Hey everyone. You can now follow all your Facebook friends on Spotify. From the Desktop app go to Activity > View All. From there you can filter by name to find the Facebook friends you want to follow. 

 Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 5.46.52 PM.png


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Can't agree more. Already installed this amazing new app, good klook, but some features like this missing!


Great Idea there!


and maybe the possibility to follow people privatly? So people won't see that you follow them.


I liked the whole spotify a lot better when we didn't have to follow anyone.. you just got everyone's activity.

Casual Listener

What would be even better would be to either

1) completely restore Spotify as it was before the update, I don't care about the follow function. Or

2) let the user decide wether he wants to update his version of Spotify or not. (Like it is the way with iTunes, for example.)


But this is at least a small step towards repairing Spotify.


Forced updates are a horrible thing.


why would they think it was a good idea to remove the friend activity? i thought it was a super feauture. why else would one need to connect spotify and facebook? the updates on the facebook-feed is actually mostly annoying. the friend activity feed needs to be brought back. at least the option for it.


One of my favorite features was being able to click and drag songs to a freind. Now that the firends list is gone you have to right click share and search for a friend. So much slower! And 2nd bringibg back full listof friends using spotify from facebook.


I agree with the View All suggestion which seems like a no-brainer. Who the heck wants to hit refresh to cycle through a friends list? Besides that being a pain, the 'feature' is broken and doesn't show all of your friends.  


I am not a fan of the '+follow' feature AT ALL. I don't want to have to manually follow and unfollow people and then have other people (including the people I follow) know whether I follow or don't. I think people will always prefer more anonymity.



What would be ideal is if Spotify showed what's being listened to by your friends but wasn't specific about it so you don't know which friend is listening to what. That way you could still discover new music and not know specifics about a users musical preferences unless they offered it.


I say put the people/friend activity back...even the "follow" feature isn't great...of my "facebook friends on spotify", there are some not listed there who I know are listening to music because their activity comes up on facebook, yet they are not in my choices of friends to follow.  Please put it back!  It should at least be an option...if that friend doesn't want their music publicized, they can go private.


Please call back the old tab of people and the posibility to send songs to friends.

Also left to the user's choice the autoupdates.

Don't touch things that worked fine

Casual Listener

i just want to se my friends to on a list and send them music. that part was great on the sidebar. but i really don't like all the kind of follow or activitylog that's been going on. can't there be a "hide" alternative?


I have the version and I don't have the followers tab nor the following tab in my MAIN menu. I see my playlists but I dunno how to check if anyone is subscribed or if the playlist is able to be subscribed to.