[0.8.8] Album artwork on Artist pages is too Large

Status: Implemented

Please note: This idea only applies to Spotify client version 0.8.8+


I will admit this is partly my idea, but it has also been pointed out by Dvipe19 on this Idea


On the latest client, the size of the album artwork has been increased, meaning that there is less room to display track information alongside it. 


idea artwork too big.png


There should be an option to change the size of this album artwork (or turn it off completely). 


Alternatively, the album artwork could be shrunk to be the same size as it is for singles:


idea artwork singles.png


For comparison, this is what album artwork was displayed like in 0.8.5 (thanks to David for the screenshot)


Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 12.31.35.png





Updated: 2015-08-05

Hey folks. With the launch of our darker theme last year this idea has now been implemented. Keep the feedback coming everyone, thanks!


Status changed to: New Idea

The new version sucks. I hate this new white theme. TopTracks has no option to set start on songs and yes the artwork is to large. Instead letting users see full res covers they made artwork a little bit large. 



Not too big for me


I agree with you.  I not only dislike the fact that less track information is displayed, but I also find it more difficult to use.  I really liked the old version that displayed more information, more results, and frankly, was easier on my eyes.  


Totally agree. Now the track lengths are vanished aswell in the top 5 ( 10 ). It bugs me... and it all seems that little bit slower aswell.


This appears to have been implemented in 😄



I do not think the cover art is too large. I prefer the cover art only view. It is rather simple to toggle track view. I do NOT like the new white background.


The new look is just awful. I often listen to music at night. I mean not only listen but also search a lot. And this white just hurts my eyes....... Really bad idea 😞 Anyone know where i can download old version with grey bg?


Yes, it is too large.  This new version sucks for many reasons, this is one of them.


Agree.  Kudos +1

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