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[0.8.8] Bring back play all songs by artist

Since the new artist details page was introduced (with the white background) the behaviour of playback has changed.  Previously if you double-clicked a song it would queue up all of the other songs by that artist.  Now all it does is queue up that album (or single!).  You can select all the songs manually and explicitly add them to the queue, but this isn't intuitive and doesn't support shuffle.


The only way I've been able to figure out how to listen to all songs by a particular artist is to create a playlist, and then add all that artists songs, which soon clutters up the sidebar!


Hello folks!

We've begun rolling out a new version of Spotify which includes this feature. We're rolling new version out over the coming days so if you haven't already, you should be able to update soon.

Thanks so much for the feedback, we love it. 


Status changed to: Up for Votes

That would also help if we could, like before, select all the songs by an artist by simply pressing CTRL+A, to make them slide to a playlist... Now, you have to do it album by album, so it takes AGES for some artists...


Completely agree!! I used to do that all the time, select an artist and play all of the artist's songs. It was one of my main uses of Spotify. Would be great to have that feature back!


@RubyPlum, they should indeed fix the 'select all' method, like it used to work before. As a work-around for the time being, rather than do it album by album, just select the very first song of the artist, hold shift, and select the very last song of the artist. That should also select all basically.




I really agree on this one. It's really annoying that I can no longer play all song by an artist... MEH! Perhaps I should try other music streaming services...


I also agree. If it didn't look complicated, I would revert to a previous release for this feature alone. Playing all songs by a particular artist is the only feature I use. Sad that Spotify Premium customers now have to make a playlist or whatever in order to do what used to be so simple.


This is one of if not the best feature that spotify had.  I dont want to listen to just one song.....or one album....I want to search an artist....pick a song and walk away knowing that I will now hear everything by this artist.  I loved putting an artist on shuffle to find great songs I never heard I cant and it really suck.  We all pay to much for this not to be an option.  Bring it back please.




The functionality is still there. There is just a bug that means it works the opposite to how it should.


To play all tracks by an artist, open the top album and play the top track.

This is what would have formerly just played this one album. Now it plays the whole list.


To play just tracks from one album, not all of the artist, play the track from within Artist view.

Previously this would have played all tracks.


This functionality is the opposite to how it used to be and should be (it is clearly completely counter intutive). There must just be wires crossed in the new code somewhere.

Your problem will be fixed when they fix this!





That's correct, but I think what most of us are missing is to shuffle the whole artist catalogue.

If you use shuffle now on Artist view, it just shuffles the album the song is in. There's no way around that, but to create a new playlist and put all songs in there...which isn't really how it should be. -.-


I completely agree. Ideally, I'd like the option to repeat/shuffle from a selected album, all artist tracks or an arbitrary selection (without having to queue or playlist them).


YES!!!  Please bring back the ability to shuffle the whole artist catalogue from the artist page.  that would be awesome, thank you.