A direct link to Spotify Web Player on your homepage.

Yeah. You guys don't have a direct link to your web player on your homepage www.spotify.com


Just a suggestion...maybe one button, somewhere, that just takes you to the actual web player for spotify.


Maybe I don't see it, but as far as I can see, you just have links to playlists that go TO the webplayer link, and every link that goes to 'spotify' is a link to the client download.


So...yeah. Just a button. Preferably a big one.

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Hey guys, you should all see a link that says "Go to Web Player" on the main Spotify homepage.




Hey guys,


I might be missing something here, but recently I got a new amp and can stream Spotify from my iPad and Android, which is great, but I can't do it wifi from my laptop. I see iTunes can, and it is the only thing I like about iTunes at the moment. Is there any plan to put this function into the system so I can chose to wifi it through to my amp?.... or does it already exist and I just don't know where to access it???


Looking forward to hearing more.