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A live channel, where someone acts as the DJ and friends/other people join to listen

Status: Implemented

I had an idea of having a "remote party" function in Spotify. This would be a functionality, which lets user to create a live "party channel" (ok they need better names 😉 ) and either ask friends to join or make it as public. It would serve well as a place for friends/people to listen to the same music at the same time, live. The leader would work as the DJ of the channel, choosing the songs, while others would listen. Why not include a "promote" function in there as well, to grant other users "DJ" status. Of course this requires some thorough thinking to make it actually work, but I think it's easy to add more stuff around this base idea. Thanks and keep up the great work!


In short: A live channel (public or private), where someone acts as the DJ and friends/other people join to listen


Hey Zopilo, have you tried the Soundrop app? It's not quite 100% what you've described, but it's pretty similar.


You can create a room - public or private - and invite others to listen along with you, live. A recent update brought in a 'curated mode' where only you can add tracks, but your listeners can vote up what they want to hear.


Check it out! (We've got our own Community Soundrop room right here)


Yeah, Soundrop


There should be an app that would allow you to mix songs better then just 12 sec crossfade.


One should really look into this! An example could be an app looking like;

Mixmeister Fusion. In essence, this idea is about including a mixer in Spotify.


What is the status on this?


I think Soundrop provides this functionality the best already, so I'll mark this as implemented. 

Status changed to: Implemented