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Ability to Delete Radio Stations

Why are you guys starting us out with Radio stations that you pick for us. Why can't we have no stations and then decide on genre or artists ourselves. Now I'm stuck with a David Guetta station and I don't even know who he is. Also why can't we get a like or dislike button for the songs that come up in the radio station. Skipping a song doesn't mean we don't like it, maybe we are just not in the mood to listen to it at that time.


2014-04-25 Hey everyone. We're back again! And we're excited to announce this idea status is now "Implemented". Now you can delete radio stations on desktop, web, iPhone, and Android. Thanks for your feedback everyone! We're excited to give you this feature based on your support for this idea.


I'm confused. Is it or isn't it possible to delete a Radio Station? Has this idea been implemented and then removed?




Facing same problem, couldn't erase radio stations. What's been annoying was automatic played after my playlist finished.


is there something wrong with your site as it wont allow me to submit my card details?


I would like to add a song that is not found on spotify search. How can I do that? The song is:

Beulah - Sweet Kinda' Something


This idea is no longer implemented, it's incorrectly listed as Implemented..


I am really frustrated with Spotify. I am on the mobile app and I can’t figure out how to delete stations. I have also been searching for how to do this online and have yet to find an answer.  


Spotify, keep things consistent.  There should be an add button to add stations and an edit button to delete them.  The user experience is less than stellar...


I get the song radios of Globotom's music, but not the artist radio. Spotify system broken?