Ability to make "Your Music" offline

Status: Implemented

Just as title says. This needs to happen. "Your Music" should be treated like Starring. 


Hey everyone, this feature is currently available for mobile users on iOS and Android.

Any news about having an available offline option for Your Music on Desktop will be announced here.

Status changed to: New Idea

Marked as new idea and edited "and sync between devices" out of the title to let it focus on only 1 request, so it's easier to manage the status/kudos of the idea. 😉

Edit: As jwylot mentioned, you can already make content of Your Music offline from the artist and album section. The idea requests to have an option to make the entire song collection of Your Music available offline with 1 click.


This is possible under the Artist and Album tabs, just not from "Songs".


Yeah thought this would of been pretty obviously needed, work around would be to make a playlist called Your Music & set it to available offline



 You can do that using mobile app, not in desktop app though....



This was my first concern when I saw this change and I cannot believe it is not already this way.  I have such terrible cell service on my phone travelling to work that listening to any music that's not downloaded to my SD card is not an option.  I simply had the Starred playlist set to download, and it worked.  So for me, this breaks the way I use Spotify unless I go in and take extra steps now.  


Otherwise, I think this change is a great one and it will make the experience better - when I can have things download (why doesn't the option called "Save" do this already?) as they should. 


Loving this new "Songs" section, I moved all of my favorite songs from my Starred playlist to this new "Songs" section... Not realizing that you can't make these available offline right off the bat!!!!


This is so dissapointing! Now I have to move them back to my Starred to be able to listen to them offline?

Unnaceptable. 😕

Please fix!!!


This is such an obvious component I'm shocked that it is missing. 


Spotify, I was considering the switch to Deezer, but I was incredibly impressed by your new interface. Now I find myself really dissapointed that there is no easy manner to make songs available offline. Please fix!!


This is the #1 reason why I won't touch the new Saved system. Personally, I don't see why I should use it. 


I use the Starred system to save all of my favorite songs on one easy offline list with one click. As I see it, the Saved system is a downgrade. For me to use it, the new Saved system would have the ease and the offline access of the Starred system, with the (not as important) organization of the Saved system. Or at the very least, have the ability to switch back the one-click feature from Saved to Starred.


Plus, I'm afraid that the Starred system will be unceremonisly disabled and my playlist will end up being deleted from bad implementation.


I have to add that, disregarding the inability to save offline songs easily, the new saved system does allow for much easier organization and use of music via the song-artist-album tabs.  This is a welcome improvement.

I'm saving the song and adding it to the starred playlist at the same time so I can listen offline (just for now hopefully)


I really like the new save system vs. starred. It's better organized and most importantly it gives you a sense of ownership even though you don't own jack. 


Spotify has done a great job of making it so easy to "save" the music you like now, it's just a waste a time to have to take 2 steps eveytime I "save" a song. 



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